How I grown up snails ?
May to september, snails live free inside large grassed park protected from Predators.
When they reached full growth, i collect them And keep them dieting for several days. 
Then begin the preparation .

How do I prepare and cook snails ? 
1- snails are Boil , drain and rince then unshells.  We remove the tortillon ( snail's Liver) . 
2- then snails are cook into a court-bouillon of water, white wine, thyme, aromates And vegetables. At this step, the escargots are done, you can immediate enjoyed wirh a Variety of delicious recipes.

Our delicious preparations : 
1- court-bouillon snail , a ready to cool preparation  that offer your imagination run away. There is more to escargot than butter and garlic. 
2-Burgundy snails : traditional recipe with butter and garlic (more than our little secret that made the difference)


So good and easy to eat on your way

Whether you’re on a bike ride, by foot, by boat, you can always taste the wonderful garlic bread and snail of BIBI. Bring them with you for a wonderful picnic on the Loire banks or enjoy eating them on site with a glass of Chardonnay.


Don’t be afraid, it’s a French tradition.

Your friends won’t believe it when you tell them you ate snails and actually liked it, all while enjoying  the gorgeous region and its wonderful castles. Tell them what you saw and what you ate, maybe they’ll try it too!


Bring back an original gift

What better gift to make to friends and family then  the Snails Paté, ready to be eaten on a toast,  or the Mushroom snail pot, to be cooked with pasta or rice.


At 3.5 milligrams per 100g, snails are actually higher in iron than beef.  Also like beef, snails are high in potassium (382 milligrams) and high in magnesium (250 milligrams).  Snail Nutrition Facts Foodofy.com


discover the surroundings

Located 200kms south of Paris, L'Escargot sur Loire is on the banks of the Loire Valley precisely at the kilometer 29 of the CYCLING LOIRE. Our region is perhaps best known for its many castles, also lovely historical town of La Charité sur Loire and beautiful landscapes, particularly along the river.